Why is it necessary to own a Magento mobile app for your eCommerce store?

Before planning to build a Magento mobile app it is necessary to first get along with the Magento platform and the requirement of mobile app.

What exactly is Magento eCommerce Platform?

Magento is an open source PHP based eCommerce platform that provides business owners an opportunity to build online store fronts (websites) in order to sell their products and services. It is one of the best eCommerce platforms available as of today due to its vast offerings and enhanced features. Its flexible architecture and scalability with multiple control options makes it user -friendly. Being an open source it is easy to expand its functionality accordingly by adding new extensions.

The digital world encourages sellers to bring their local stores online and expand its reach for better sales and revenues targets. The major benefit with Magento platform is that it provides the complete access to store admin on look, function and feel of their website. The platform is fully focused on eCommerce development and provides thousands of plugins to enhance the functionality of the website.

Why eCommerce Mobile App is a must have?

As a retail business owner, having an eCommerce website is essential but as technology is getting handy every day, people find more comfort on their handheld devices. The majority of the online shoppers have already gone mobile. This is the reason behind the urgent requirement of a mobile store. All the Magento store owners who are really looking forward to grab all the conversion needs to understand the increasing demand of mobile apps and act accordingly.

In order to take your business to every user’s device you need to own a mobile application. The mobile apps not only enhance the visibility to your business but also serve as an efficient shopping medium for the wide range of mobile users.

However, these are not the only reason of having a mobile application but there are some other crucial benefits which could be a silver bullet for your business:

1. Remove Sales Limit:

Restricting your products sale only to the website is not a good approach as the users find more comfort on mobile phones than online website. Using a reliable Magento Mobile App extension which provides a hassle free shopping experience to customers and promises better acquisitions and conversions will definitely be a game changer for your business. Shopping on a mobile app is way more convenient than shopping on a website. So, it’s important to develop a mobile app for lucrative sales and enhanced revenues.

2. Enhanced Customer Engagement:

Mobile apps increase customer engagement with the uncluttered shopping experience to the app users. It is a great way to drive user engagement as mobile apps are available everywhere. The push notification functionalities enhances the chances of sales and thus leads you to better conversion rates .

3. Encourage your Brand Store:

If a customer downloads your app although he is not purchasing anything but the mobile app even serves you with your brand recognition. The customer will then visit the app and might end up purchasing anything from the store. This will definitely build user’s trust in your store and thus improve the sales.

4. SEO Benefit:

Magento Mobile apps can double the influence of SEO and this surges the organic traffic to both website and mobile app. In result, your store will rank to higher positions in an easy and cost-effective way. Many store owners aren’t aware of this mobile app benefit, but it do creates a serious influence on SEO efforts.

5. Secure Payment Gateway:

Providing easier and seamless user experience to your users is the prime duty of an eCommerce store owners. Magento mobile apps eases this task by providing easy product search and secured purchase. Your mobile app will bring various robust and reliable payment gateways which helps you in maintaining customer loyalty and user friendly experience to customers.


Mobile application is not a luxury anymore but a necessity in eCommerce industry. The above shared thoughts leads straight to the importance of creating a Magento mobile app. This is the basic step to achieve high sales and conversion for your eCommerce store.

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