Everything You Need To Know About Deep Linking In Magento Mobile App

The new ideas of innovations with the introduction of the latest technologies are taking this digital era to the next level. Relying on only a basic trend isn’t going to help you for so long. That too, when you are in the eCommerce industry, you should grab the chance of being different to survive the surrounding competition. That’s the reason why eCommerce Mobile Apps are moving towards new innovative features like “Deep Linking”.

Deep Linking functionality in Mobile apps works for direct redirection of a user in the app. The user can simply click on a URL & will be straightly sent to a specific screen in the app. The actual use of this feature in Mobile Apps is to offer relevant information to the users. The content can be received by the user through SMS, notifications, browsers, social platforms, etc. Magento, already being known for its flexible and diverse features, needs no attention. The highly customizable nature of the Magento has motivated us to integrate “Deep Linking” in our Mobile Apps. Stick to the end of the article & explore how this functionality could actually benefit your business.

What is Deep Linking?


If a user A sends a URL of the product from the app to another user B, clicking on the URL redirects the user B to browser view. That’s the case without Deep Linking functionality. The major drawback of this is that it takes more time to load content on browser view.

On the other hand, with Deep Linking functionality, User B will straight be redirected to relevant App Screen on clicking the URL. That’s the basic advantage of this functionality in the eCommerce Mobile App. There are several others as well & been discussed at the end of the article.

Deep linking saves the time & effort of the users by keeping them away from fumbling over unnecessary screens and cluttery browser view. Online shoppers feel more connected with the app which has deep linking functionality. This is one of the trendiest features in the mobile app industry nowadays which can be used in various ways:

  1. Social Media to App
  2. SMS to APP
  3. App to App
  4. Email to App
  5. Push Notification to App

We, at KnowBand, have integrated Deep Linking in our Magento Mobile Apps. Check out our extensions from:

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Benefits of Mobile App Deep Linking


There isn’t any doubt if we say deep linking drives more engagement to your store because it redirects users to a specific location. The majority of the online businesses started to opt for this functionality in Magento Mobile App in order to ease online shopping and attract potential users. The users will also not feel irritated anymore because the link redirects them to a specific destination or app location. Maybe deep linking is a small concept but it plays a huge role when it comes to enhancing the user experience.

1. Enhanced User Experience:

Often, irrelevant links irritate online shoppers because they do not help to find the right content. Deep linking in Magento Mobile Apps give a flawless experience to online shoppers by guiding them straight to the right screen. The users need not navigate different screens on the app to find what they are looking for. Just a click on the URL & the user can access the data. Isn’t it awesome!

2. Increased Engagement:

If we believe in the stats, the app screens with Deep Linking functionality are visited more often than the regular apps. Specifically, twice. Thus, Deep linking is the perfect option for the online store merchants if they are looking to drive more engagement & improve the chances of conversions as well. Online shoppers feel more connected with such apps which provides the option to the store admin to easily grab the attention of online shoppers.

3. Promotion Turns Into Conversion:

As the Deep Linking promotion is becoming meaningful, it is sending the app traffic to the desired app location. With an increase in the mobile app audience, the chances of conversion also become higher. There is a huge possibility that users can purchase a shared product. You can introduce deep linking as SMS, Push Notification, Email and in other forms. Offering a discount on any product through deep linking can turn your lost sales into conversions.

4. Gives More Value To Marketing:

The marketing of your products becomes so facile with deep linking. Planning to run deals/offers on any specific product? Deep linking can handle that easily & grow the conversion rate of your store. The marketing strategy of your mobile app becomes more powerful with this functionality. Many business experts even predict that this could be the tool for future marketing.

5. Track Details From Deep Linking:

Deep linking can provide the details and records as a medium to bring users to your store. The online shoppers can be from Social Media, SMS, Email, Push Notification or referrals. Using this detailed analysis, the store admin gets the idea of the right medium, where they should target more. You can easily find the records & effects of deep linking and plan your marketing strategy accordingly.

Wrapping Up!

This digital era demands something more from us to offer a satisfactory user experience. The Deep Linking in mobile apps has come as an amazing feature for luring the user attention. Sending users to a specific product simply increases the chances of higher conversions and sales. So, instead of waiting, build all in one Magento Mobile App solution for your store and open endless doors of success to your app.

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