Why you should use a One Page Checkout on eCommerce store?

Optimize the online shopping process is the most essential part to provide your customers with a better shopping experience, reduce lost sales count, and improve conversions. Most of the customers prefer a smooth and fast online shopping experience as equal as they want the best quality products. If your product’s quality is good but the checkout process is hectic and slow-loading then there are high chances that the buyers will leave the cart without completing the order.

It is also reported that most of the abandoned carts happen because of complicated and slow checkouts. With Knowband’s One Page Checkout addon, you can enhance the checkout experience of your customers by replacing the slow multi-page default checkout with a fast and smooth One Page Checkout. The addon plays a major role in maximizing the conversion rate of your business by letting the customers complete their purchases quickly in a very short time.

The One Page Checkout module displays all the necessary checkout fields on a single page and lets the users fill the required fields in fewer clicks. The Quick Checkout addon offers some advanced and striking features which makes it a must-have module for every eCommerce store owner.

Check the module from the given below links:

PrestaShop One Page Checkout addon

OpenCart One Page Checkout extension

Magento One Page Checkout extension

Magento 2 One Page Checkout extension

Key Factors that make One Page Checkout a must-have addon:

1. Simplified and Faster Checkout:


The module simplifies the checkout process of your eCommerce store and makes it faster and smoother by removing unnecessary steps involved in the multi-page checkout. In the comparison of multi-step checkout, the customers do not have to load multiple pages to fill the checkout fields and review them. They can simply do everything from a single page.

2. Encourages Quick Purchase:

The One Page Supercheckout is extremely helpful as it removes all the hurdles of being a slow checkout and encourages quick purchases on your eCommerce store. The addon offers striking features like auto-address fill and auto-detect country that reduces the manual efforts of the customers and help them to quickly fill the checkout details.

3. Allows Guest Checkout:

Most of the abandoned carts happen due to forcing customers to register themselves in order to place the order. The One Page Checkout addon offers your customers guest checkout by which they can place their orders without creating a new separate account from the checkout page.

4. Offers Social Login:


The Single Page Checkout addon allows your customers to login with popular social accounts like Google and Facebook and saves them from remembering many login credentials. You only need to integrate both the networks from the back end by adding API keys to make them functional on the front-end.

5. Multiple Shipping and Payment Method options:


The One Page Checkout module is compatible with nearly all the major shipping and payment methods that give the customers a variety of choices to choose from so that they can make secure payments. You can also add security badges on your checkout page to boost the confidence of your customers to make the payments.


The One Page Checkout addon not only enhances the checkout process but also improves the conversion rate and reduce the chances of abandoned carts on your eCommerce store. If you also want to get rid of your slow and complicated multi-page checkout, then you can definitely consider the One Page Checkout module by Knowband for your store.

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