Why are customers not buying from your website?

The major objective of any website is to ‘sell’ its products or services and if this is what’s not happening, you need to reconsider a lot of things.

Here are some reasons why are customers not buying from your website?

1. Easy navigation and visibility of the website

The customers need to land on the right pages, locate the products that they’re looking for, and easily complete the purchase process. Rather than taking them on pages that have nothing to do with their products and services, the entire navigation process should be easy and crisp. Provision of filters, an easy search bar, and a sitemap are the features that should be included on the website for easy location of products and landing on the right pages.

Make sure to categorize the products depending on the styles. Ensure that the right filters like colors, size, price, and others would allow the visitors to locate the right products. 

2. Mandatory account creation

For what reason would you need your visitors to join before letting them yet what they need to? Not all visitors like to join and give all the essential information on all the websites they shop at. Consequently, the element of Guest Checkout ought to be mandatory on your checkout page. As per Fundera, “Conversion rates can increase by 45% if you offer guest checkout“. Likewise, the website additionally referenced: “34% of online shoppers said that they abandoned their carts because the eCommerce site required them to make an account.

Regardless of whether you give your visitors the choice to change over by giving them the Guest Checkout choice, you will have their email address for additional email marketing. In this way, incorporate a guest checkout alternative on your eCommerce checkout page.

3. Protected platform with security

Something vital that most eCommerce proprietors will in general fail to remember is to check how to make sure about their platform is – if your website doesn’t begin with HTTPS, likely, potential clients won’t be eager to enter their card details and proceed with the purchase. Then again, to make your site more dependable and credible, have a go at testimonials and case analyses. This will build the trust of possible clients in your brand and result in higher conversions. 

4. Shipping rates are excessively high

Keeping a high shipping rate may likewise be another motivation behind why your clients are not buying from you. A potential client may visit your store with all the goals to purchase the products yet can abandon the cart due to the high shipping rates. It is ideal to set up promotional offers for example look for more than $50 and achieve free shipping, and so on to draw in additionally buying clients.

Another thing that should be done is to watch out for the contenders and the market for the varieties of estimating and shipping estimation of the thing.

5. Too many Pop-ups 

Pop-ups can be an incredible method of marketing your products and acquiring them in front of the audience. However, pop-ups can here and there be irritating and may hamper the user experience for the client. If you are utilizing pop-ups, make certain to put evident methods of shutting it – if your clients can’t close it, they will leave your website. Additionally, don’t overpower your clients with too many pop-ups or per-page pop-ups. The lesser they get upset, the better it is.

6. Long shipping cycle

Like having high shipping rates, having longer a shipping longer shipping times may likewise cause a decrease in your sales cycle. On the off chance that your request handling time is long, the client won’t get the thing in seven days – the client will have less trust to purchase.

It is okay on the off chance that you don’t just have the assets to rapidly dispatch all the things at hand however view your rivals and how they are overseeing it – Amazon offers multi day-delivery to its Prime Members, liberated from cost.

7. A long checkout page

A long checkout page means giving your customers a lot of time to think and change their minds – abandoning the cart. The more the number of spaces to be filled – the longer the time – the more irritation caused. An ideal checkout page should be short. With necessary details, with a guest checkout feature, multiple payment gateways, multiple shipping options, social login options, and more.

The One Page Checkout module by Knowband is what fits perfectly in your eCommerce store. You can check them out for PrestashopOpenCart, and Magento platforms. Once you rectify these mistakes, you will be able to clear your website of all the problems and customers will find your website trustworthy. For you, we have mentioned below the links of the OpenCart One Page Checkout module for a better understanding.

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