Benefits of Affiliate and Referral Program for Online Stores

Prestashop is a fantastic platform for setting up an online store, but why all is the gossip surrounding its affiliate program? Its affiliate program must offer something special and beautiful because having an affiliate on your Prestashop store is always advised.

You should be aware that one of the effective marketing strategies is the Prestashop Affiliate Program. The appeal of this Prestashop affiliate network is that it invites your online visitors to participate in your business. Customers can sign up as affiliates with your store. When they successfully refer other customers who make purchases, the enrolled customers receive benefits.

As a store owner, you gain two major advantages. Firstly, you can draw in more customers as your registered affiliates; and second, you can market your goods to significantly increase sales.

How can you benefit from this PrestaShop affiliate program?

  • Through your authorized affiliates, you, as the store owner, can sell your goods effectively.
  • It aids in increasing traffic to your online store, which increases the likelihood that you will make sales. More visitors to your platform increase the likelihood that some of them will convert to customers and buy something from you.
  • An online store will typically need to spend a lot of money marketing its goods. The benefit of an affiliate scheme is that your affiliates will serve as your marketing tool.
  • As a result of your affiliates sharing product links across various social media channels, brand recognition increases. You have a fantastic opportunity to reach a global audience by sharing links to your store on popular networks.
  • It’s important to remember that integrating an affiliate program with Prestashop offers both you and your affiliates a tremendous opportunity.

Some features of this program:

There are various referrals:

The “Affiliate and Referral Program” element of the affiliate marketing tool enables affiliate partners to encourage new customers to participate in your store. By providing the affiliate partners with a referral code or referral link, they can recruit new online store visitors.

The affiliate can create a voucher code through affiliate marketing and referral networks. Additionally, affiliate partners can directly post the reference link from their affiliate account on other social networking sites.

Individualized commissions for each affiliate:

Although the shop administrator can set a fixed global reference rate for the affiliate partners. This is done using Prestashop’s “Affiliate and Referral Program,” and the admin can alter this for each affiliate.

An affiliate voucher upon registration:

affiliate voucher

The Prestashop Affiliate Marketing Module enables merchants to assign a voucher upon the affiliates’ successful user registration. The store manager decides the voucher value and can also decide whether to offer it as a fixed discount or on a percentage basis. Additionally, you can specify the maximum number of vouchers that one user at a time can use.

Check for affiliate payout requests:

The affiliate partner may receive their payout or compensation in the form of a gift card or cash in the affiliate marketing and referral marketing modules.

affiliate customer payout request

The affiliate customer must submit a request in “Payout Requests” to seek the withdrawal of the commission earned from his or her account.

Observe registered affiliates:

You can check up on registered affiliates and their information in the “Affiliate Customer” section using the Affiliate and Referral Marketing module.

Obtain information about the referred clients:

Details of the clients who registered through the affiliate link are visible in the “Referral Listing.”

Check the rewards that affiliates receive:

The Prestashop Referral addon enables the store administrator to monitor the commit history in the “Commission History” tab.

What are the benefits for the customer?

Discount coupons that affiliates receive are for distribution to the clients. Customers receive these discount coupons when they join your online store through affiliates. They can then use this coupon to receive a variety of discounts while making purchases.

What do affiliates receive?

  • Each referral that registers through the affiliate’s link earns them a commission.

affiliate customers get commission

  • In addition to receiving a commission for registering new customers, affiliates also receive a commission for any transactions those clients make.
  • Additionally, the affiliates receive points for creating their vouchers when their referrals make purchases. Therefore, affiliates can utilize these discount coupons to buy the things they want from the store.


People are searching for ways to increase their capital and income. With the “Refer and Earn” program, eCommerce store owners have the opportunity to attract new clients to their business. You may take your Prestashop business to the next level with the aid of affiliate marketing and a referral program. The Affiliate and referral program module from Knowband helps store owners to successfully grow their online business.

View the Prestashop Affiliate and Referral Program module’s admin demo and front demo on the module link shared below. If you have any questions about this add-on, you can send us an email at and our staff will respond as soon as possible.

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