There is no denying that social media is everywhere these days. It is silly to ignore such a larger percentage of online traffic attributed to social media sites. An integration of an app with social media sites allows users to share their app activities on them.

Knowband’s mobile store for magento allows the user to share on different social media platforms like Twitter,Google Plus, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, watsapp. sers can browse content and comment upon it. People are influenced by what others do and what they see on these platforms. Knowband’s Magento eCommerce mobile app social media sharing, allow members to engage in conversations that increase engagement. Sharing on social media by Magento Android/iOS mobile app builder boosts the visibility of the app by catering to a large user base. This brings new audience for the store that would have never known about the app without social sharing. Moreover, social media sites are high-action places with significantly greater amount of clicks, they bring a higher return on the total number of visitors. Store is more likely to achieve popularity and/or virality through social sharing by Magento mobile app creator. Publicity of the items on social media sites through social sharing by Magento mobile app maker results in revenues from the sales of the items.

Hopefully, you might have the idea till now that that the direct product sharing to the wide user base would be a conversion booster for your business. But, if there is any query or concern left, feel free to contact us at