Buyers begin an online shopping as it seeks to save their time and money and simply for efficiency. Special offers, site interactivity and discounts encourage them for impulsive purchases. With personalized product recommendations to customers at multiple touch points of the shopping process will make every customer feel like the shop is created just for them which ultimately boost the conversions and order values.

Knowband’s mobile store for magento makes personalized recommendations based on large amounts of historical user data. Items that have been frequently viewed, considered, or purchased with the one the customer is currently considering. Related products recommendation by Magento mobile app will essentially make the customers feel as if their minds are being read. This can have a huge impact on their shopping behavior. Magento eCommerce Android/iOS mobile app recommending products on the product page based on a user’s browsing behavior can drastically increase your store’s overall conversion rate. Knowband’s Magento mobile app maker related product recommendations can have a big impact on what gets added to the cart as customers discover additional coordinating or matching products. Related product recommendation in Magento eCommerce mobile app by Knowband can save immense amount of time of users.

Knowband’s Magento eCommerce mobile iOS/Android app builder can upgrade your site from desktop to the handheld devices. Upgrade your business structure and stay ahead of your competitors.