Magento mobile app builder converts online Magento store into mobile app. Mobile store for Magento supports all types of product. Irrespective of the product type, Magento mobile app creator supports all. Different types of products supported by Knowband’s Magento eCommerce mobile app are as under:

1.Simple Product:
In this kind of product Magento mobile app maker sold each single item. Every single item sold has its own SKU code.

2.Configurable Product:
Not just the simple products, Magento Android app builder sells configurable products. This type includes many simple products. The collection of various products with different options of colors and sizes but each single product has a separate SKU.

3.Virtual Product:
Magento iOS app builder supports virtual product like type of service, membership, warranty or subscription. These products are known as intangible goods; they also do not need any stock management.

4.Grouped Product:
In Magento mobile app creator group of physical, visible and virtual product which shares the same characteristics or related each other are sold.

5.Bundle Product:

Knowband’s Magento mobile app can sell bundle of simple or virtual goods that cannot be sold separately.

Hopefully, you might have the idea till now that Magento Android/iOS app builder would be a conversion booster for your business. But, if there is any query or concern left, feel free to contact us at