Knowbands Magento mobile app maker converts the online store into mobile app. Magento eCommerce mobile app offers real time synchronization. The Magento mobile app maker fetches the information from the store and synchronizes it with mobile. No manual synchronization is required in Magento mobile app builder. Admin of the eCommerce store just need to install the Magento mobile app creator. Mobile store for Magento by Knowband offers social login to provide a hassle free login. Unlimited push notifications can be send in Magento Android app builder to keep your customers updated. Magento iOS app builder provides multi-lingual, and SSL compatibility. Multiple payment and shipping options of the Knowband’s Magento mobile app builder make the checkout procedure trouble free for the customers. Features like multilingual, social sharing , multiple payment and shipment method of Magento eCommerce Android/iOS mobile app to target large audience and enhance the conversion rate.

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