Wishlist is an eCommerce feature that allows customers to create an opportunity to save items “for later” if they can’t commit to a purchase in that moment and find them quickly whenever they return to your store. Wishlist signify a customer’s interest in a product without an immediate intent to purchase.

Knowband’s mobile app for magento improves the customer’s shopping experience. Magento mobile app builder wishlist is a collection of products customer wants to buy and save them in their user account for future reference. Wishlist of Magento eCommerce mobile app by Knowband’s serves as a convenient way to remind oneself of the products that made it to the list. Magento Android/iOS mobile app’s wishlist is a clear indicator of customer’s world, dreams and aspirations which ultimately drive more sales. Magento mobile app maker Wishlist is a great way to alert customers about a sale. In Knowbands Magento mobile app creator, items often saved in wishlists have a better chance of generating more sales. Offering wishlists by Magento Android app builder is an effective way to reduce shopping cart abandonment and fulfill sales from customers who showed intent but didn’t end up purchasing. Wishlist by Knowband’s Magento iOS app builder saves online buyers time because the person doesn’t have to search for the product the next time he visits the website.

Hopefully, you might have the idea till now that that the wishlist feature would be a conversion booster for your business. But, if there is any query or concern left, feel free to contact us at support@knowband.com.