How to convert your Magento Store into a fully functional Marketplace?

From the last decade, the boost in the eCommerce marketplace is phenomenal. The transformation in the eCommerce industry has changed the shopping experience of online buyers. Different from a single vendor store, a multivendor marketplace is a platform where third-party sellers can sell their products in the marketplace and promote them to a large audience base.

If you running your eCommerce store then Magento Multi-vendor Marketplace Module is the best solution for you. It will convert your online marketplace into a fully-fledged online marketplace. We are coming up with the best Magento Marketplace solutions:-

Magento Multi-vendor Marketplace

Magento 2 Multi-vendor Marketplace

Advanced Magento Marketplace with Mobile App

Advanced Magento 2 Marketplace with Mobile App

Steps to Launch Magento Multivendor Marketplace:

Step 1: Purchase and Install Magento Marketplace Module.

Step 2: Upload the module on your eCommerce store root folder.

Step 3: Install & configure and it will be ready to use.

Features of Magento 2 Multivendor Marketplace Extension:

1. Easy Seller Monitoring

Sellers can easily register in the Magento marketplace and store admin can track them from their back-interface. After registration on the marketplace, sellers need the approval of the store admin before selling products on the multivendor marketplace. Store admin has full access to manage sellers.

2. All Product Type Support

Magento Multi-seller Marketplace supports all kinds of products like bundled, simple, configurable, and others. Store admin can track the products listing from the back interface of the marketplace extension.

3. Email Notification

Communication is very important especially when you are managing multiple sellers in your marketplace. Communication fills the gap between store admin and sellers. Magento Multi-seller Marketplace comes up with more than 20 default email templates that help the store admin to manage the overall communication. This email notification helps the sellers to know about the latest activities.

4. Flawless Transaction

Customers can search for any product on the marketplace and complete their orders. Customers can choose the products from different sellers in the multi-vendor marketplace. The overall transaction is very safe and secure.

5. Commission Management

After installing the Magento Multi-Seller Marketplace Plugin the store admin can handle commissions for vendors. The Magento multi-vendor marketplace provides full access to the store admin to manage the individual and global commission prices for each seller. The admin can also set the commission on the category level.

Advantages for the Admin:

The store admin has full access to approve/disapprove the seller profile.

  1. Using Magento multi-vendor marketplace store admin can set and manage the commission charged to the sellers.
  2. The store admin can add/remove the products from the back-interface of the Magento multi-vendor module.
  3. The admin can add and manage categories from the back interface.
  4. The store admin can check the transaction of their marketplace with a single button click.
  5. The multi-vendor marketplace is compatible with all kinds of themes and versions.

Advantages for the sellers:

  1. Using Magento multi-seller marketplace sellers can register themselves from the front dashboard of the marketplace.
  2. Sellers can easily request new categories if required.
  3. The seller’s interface makes it easier for them to check and handle their products, profile as well as sales.
  4. Magento multi-seller marketplace allows the vendors to list sale banners, shop logo, and custom HTML content.
  5. Sellers can send the payout requests and Vacation requests to the store admin from their seller interface.

Compatibility with Mobile App Builder:

Magento Multi-vendor Marketplace is fully compatible with Mobile App Builder. Using a mobile app builder a Magento marketplace can be converted into a marketplace mobile app. This will increase the customer shopping experience as most of the users are purchasing products online using their smartphones.

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