7 Benefits To Encourage For Magento Mobile App Development

Magento is one of the prominent eCommerce platforms having a huge number of store merchants relying on it. Magento is well-known for its highly customizable nature and advanced features functionalities. In short, Magento is a complete solution to create an advanced and flawless eCommerce website. But, in this advance world, eCommerce websites cannot help you in fulfilling the expectation and requirements of users. You must take your business to the pockets of the user’s.

According to the reports, the number of smartphone users in 2016 is 2.5 billion and this number is expected to reach 3.8 billion by 2021. Here you can see that at what pace mobile users are growing. Half of the world’s population has been already affected by smartphones. This is where the eCommerce store owners understanding the importance and need of mobile apps.

More Opportunities Comes With A Magento Mobile App

Magento Mobile app brings more opportunities to every online business as multiple features and functionalities enhanced the shopping experience of users. According to the source, the total app revenue in 2018 of the Apple App Store is around $71.3 billion where Google Play Store represent 22.7% app revenue. Magento mobile apps will take your online shopping experience to a completely new level by providing everything at fingertips. More features and functionalities bring more opportunities to your business. You will get more chance to interact with app users by different mediums like push notifications and live chat support. These functionalities will help you to know the user’s behaviour and their demands or requirements.

Go For Native Mobile App Development

Looking forward to making your name big in the eCommerce industry? Then, going with native apps will help you to make your dream come true. Native apps are platform-specific and dedicated to a particular platform that’s why the native apps are fast in response and better than any other type of apps. So, if developing a mobile app will not complete solution for you. If you want to come in the limelight then you must choose the native Magento Mobile App development for your online business.

Why don’t you choose the easiest solution to this?

For Magento: Magento Mobile App Builder
For Magento 2: Magento 2 Mobile App Builder

Now, coming back to the topic, let’s dig how actually the Magento Mobile Apps could be proven fruitful for an online business:

1. Better User Engagement:

Magento eCommerce mobile app provides seamless user experience and hence drive much better user engagement to your store. Many business experts say the eCommerce shopping apps are one of the most used apps. The time spent by users on mobile apps also gives you a sign that how users are addicted to their mobile phones and apps. Loaded with lots of advanced features and functionalities Magento mobile app drives better user engagement to your store.

2. Provide Value To Your Customers:

Give customers a special reason to stay on the app by providing them special offers and discounts. Running programs like loyalty points and refer and earn can encourage your online shoppers to visit your mobile application. Through this way, users feel more connected with your mobile app and they will try to interact often.

3. More Number Of Transactions:

According to the source, App store shares the data of global users spend $47 billion and $25 billion by Google Play Store in 2018 and this number is projected to grow $96 billion for App Store and $60 billion for Google Play Store.

The stats clearly showing the immense growth of user spending on leading app stores Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Now, you can understand why targeting audience on the mobile platform becomes necessary for everyone. Shopping on a mobile app is more convenient than on a website and that’s why users spend their time and money in leading app stores.

4. Promotion Becomes Meaningful:

Promotion becomes meaningful with our Magento mobile app development. Nowadays, the mobile app is the best tool to promote your online business. App notifications have a higher open rate as compared to e-mails and SMS. These push notifications can drive more engagement to your store. So, better user engagement leads you to better conversion rates. If you are planning to run a sale or adding a launching a new product or category then sending a push notification can cover the entire audience of the mobile app.

5. Better Relationship With Customers:

The mobile app helps you to understand the need and requirements of your users more effectively. If you want to make users trust your store then communicating with them is one of the ways to make it happen. Magento mobile app allows admin to directly communicate with users and provide every possible solution to them for their queries and problems.

6. Gives A Recognizable Platform To Your Business:

With over 2.8 billion users smartphones usage is increasing each passing day globally and that’s why it can give your business a recognizable platform. The Magento eCommerce mobile app grows your online business on a global scale. Features like the support of multiple languages allow users to access the mobile app across the country in their native language. This will make your business stand out from the crowd.

7. Enhance Your Business Reach:

Mobile apps are everywhere and that’s why targeting your audience on the mobile platform is much beneficial than any other platform. When your business is present as an app on the user’s devices then accessing it becomes simpler than ever. No doubt, mobile users are present in a massive amount in this digital world. So, enhance your business reach by providing complete store at users fingertips.

Wrapping Up

The mobile app becomes the need of every online business and that’s why many businesses started participating in it by creating mobile apps for their business. Magento provides you a much advanced mobile app so that you can exactly meet with your customer requirements and expectations.

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