Why You Should Build Magento 2 Mobile Apps for eCommerce Store?

According to the latest research & statistics, more than half of the eCommerce traffic is shifted towards the mobile app. The numerous growth opportunities can be grabbed by eCommerce businesses because of the current technological shifts. Most of the eCommerce businesses have already opted for the shopping apps and generating huge leads & sales from the mobile channel. Having a pair of native Android and iOS apps for Magento 2 website also helps in boosting conversions. 

The Magento 2 Mobile App Builder is the most affordable and readymade solution to launch eCommerce shopping apps. The store admin neither needs to indulge in any technical knowledge or coding complexities, nor he needs to invest chunks of money and time in order to launch Android and iOS apps. The pre-defined Magento 2 Mobile App Creator is a great way to shift your eCommerce store to a fully-featured mobile app. The admin panel of Magento 2 Mobile App Creator is fully admin friendly and almost every necessary change or configuration is already available there. The store owner just needs to make a few mouse clicks from changing the look and feel to managing the functionalities of the app. Check out below links for more details.

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Prime Features of  Magento 2 Mobile App Maker Extension:


The Magento 2 Mobile App Creator comes with all necessary features inbuilt in the apps. The eCommerce store owner needs not worry about any minor change like color-switching or major concerns like payment methods. The extension provides all possible features and enhancements by default in the apps. Let’s take a look at some of the highlighting ones:

1. White Label Solution with Home Screen Customization:

The Magento 2 Mobile App Maker helps the eCommerce businesses to remain one step ahead by having proper branding of their business on Android and iOS apps. The store admin can launch the eCommerce mobile app under the brand name and value of their eCommerce store. The store admin can use his desired app icon, splash screen, logo, etc.

The Magento 2 Mobile App Creator provides easy configuration options to the store admin for the look and feel of the app. Right from the color/font choice to home screen layout customization, it offers everything to make your shopping app impressive for the front end shoppers. All the changes performed in the admin panel will get reflected on the front end mobile apps automatically. Various attractive layouts related to any theme, sale, festival, occasion etc. can be designed and saved in the backend with different desiging elements. Check more details from here.

2. Real-Time Synchronization:

The Android & iOS Mobile App for Magento 2 remains fully synchronized with the product, categories, inventory of the eCommerce store. This eliminates the manual intervention of the store admin and all the changes/updates in the store inventory get automatically reflected on the Magento 2 eCommerce apps.

3. Offline Working:

The Magento 2 Mobile App Builder for Android and iOS allows the users to easily and seamlessly browse and use the shopping app even if they are facing any internet issues. The Magento 2 Android and iOS apps load pre-saved data whenever the internet connection is lost. The data was loaded when the internet connection was active.

4. Unlimited Push Notifications:

Push notifications are a great tool to promote the deals and sales of the eCommerce business to mobile app users. The store admin can configure the push notifications from the admin panel and make the customers aware of the latest offers, discounts, and deals. The Magento 2 Android & iOS Mobile App Builder offers the option to schedule push notifications for manual or automatic deployment.

5. Easy Registration and Login:

The quick and easy login/registration option in the Magento 2 Mobile App makes it very handy for the users to get access the mobile app easily with one tap login options like Facebook, Google, Phone Number (OTP) & Fingerprint login. The Magento 2 Android & iOS App Maker consists of social login options (Facebook/Google) and email login and registration options. It can be enabled from the module backend and allow the customers to login with a single tap.

6. Multiple Payment and Shipping Options:

The Magento 2 Mobile App allows the customer to use multiple payment and shipping options available in the shopping app. The store admin can enable all the payment and shipping options of the website in the Mobile App for Magento 2.

7. One-page Simplified Checkout:

The Magento 2 Mobile App Builder gives freedom to the customers to enjoy the facile transaction process. The customers do not need to fill up the lengthy information in order to complete the transaction via Android and iOS apps.

8. Multilingual and RTL Support:

The Magento 2 eCommerce Mobile App supports all the regional and global languages available in the Android and iOS apps. It also supports the RTL writing scripts like Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, etc. and the store admin can easily include all the languages in the mobile app that are available on the eCommerce website.

9. Zopim and Whatsapp Chat:

Customer support helps to generate reliability and trust among mobile shoppers. The store admin can offer the Zopim and Whatsapp Chat option in the Mobile App for Magento 2. It provides 24*7 customer support and helps in resolving users queries and issues.


The Magento 2 Mobile App Creator consists of all the features that are necessary to have in an eCommerce app in order to grow and generate more traffic to the website. The eCommerce mobile app helps the store admin to target a vast variety of audiences easily. Now, you know the importance of the Magento 2 Mobile App in your eCommerce business, launch a pair of the app today. To know more about it send us an email at support@knowband.com.

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