Why having a eCommerce Mobile App will help your business?

Mobile apps are in vogue when one talks about the eCommerce business these days. An eCommerce mobile app is something that provides your eCommerce business a broader reach, more conversions, and much more. For example, you can read the success story of the Briko Bike here. As the use of mobile gadgets is developing as time passes, online website proprietors have begun noticing their value. The process of shopping has been changed in the last few decades. Most of the users presently need products at their doorstep with no actual endeavors. The shopping apps have made this conceivable.

Mobile websites need more potential to expand sales of their eCommerce store. The store merchants need to switch their online eCommerce business to the mobile platform alongside desktop websites. Knowband features both native apps and eCommerce PWA to make sure that the merchants find what they’re looking for to take their business to new growth. Talking about the mobile app for eCommerce, you need to get undeniable Android and iOS apps published on apps stores which would straightly land into user’s gadgets.

KnowBand’s eCommerce Mobile App Builder has improved on this errand by giving a completely tailored, native shopping app to the merchant. The mobile app maker automates and designs to offer you native Android and iOS app with no coding. This extension offers you complete support directly from development to publishing on app stores. No matter what platform your website is on, you can have the mobile app creator for your eCommerce store. Check them out below:

PrestaShop Mobile App Builder
OpenCart Mobile App Builder
Magento Mobile App Builder
Magento 2 Mobile App Builder
WooCommerce Mobile App Builder

The best thing about these mobile app maker extensions is that the talented group of developers handle the module after module purchase.

Preeminent reasons to assemble an eCommerce mobile app

1. To generate more sales

eCommerce shopping apps are one of the most significant approaches to upgrade conversions and sales of your business. Everyone carries smartphones with them which urges them to open your app. In addition, they can view your shop in their spare time or when they are idle or all the time as well. Likewise, different deals, offers, and notifications promote your store and push the app users to make a purchase.

2. Diminish marketing cost

Promotions through Android and iOS apps just require your innovativeness, not cash. Everybody utilizes conventional email marketing for promotion on their website. However, the eCommerce mobile app improved alternatives with customized push notifications. As a result, this will be noticeable to the user in any event, when they are not utilizing the app.

3. Upgraded customer experience

The responsive design of the eCommerce mobile app makes it look great on all handheld gadgets with no arrangement issue. Likewise, the lightning-fast reaction while browsing makes it easier for users to settle on the correct choice. By and large, a mobile app for eCommerce is an unquestionable requirement if you need your users to be completely fulfilled and happy with your services.

4. Improved customer engagement

Improving user engagement is one of the superb advantages of a native shopping app. Regardless of what product are you selling on your eCommerce mobile app, apps will introduce them in a greatly improved manner. Likewise, the user gets a legitimate channel to make their ideal purchase. You should consider top-notch features for your mobile apps. The trust-building features like 24*7 chat support increment mobile app unwavering quality.

Features of the Mobile App Builder

  1. Customizable Home Screen design
  2. No requirement for Coding
  3. Convenience device highlights
  4. User-friendly app
  5. Smartphone and Tablets Compatibility
  6. Compatibility with iOS and Android
  7. ‘N’ number of Push notifications
  8. Multiple payments and shipping support
  9. Real-time synchronizationSocial login
  10. Live chat support
  11. Layered navigation – Filters and Sorting
  12. One page checkout
  13. In-app order tracking


Proceed and make native shopping apps for your website quickly. This is the most ideal approach to outperform the encompassing rivalry and make an imprint for your business. The store merchant can choose from the various options available at Knowband as per the platform they’re using.

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