How To Launch Full-fledged Marketplace & Mobile Apps for Magento 2?

In the past few years, many eCommerce businesses have been shifted towards mobile apps. The reasons are more obvious now. The mobile apps offer an unmatched shopping experience and generate more revenue.  Everyone around us is using a smartphone to shop products online because of the technological shifts. The eCommerce mobile apps play an important role in providing the technological boom to the eCommerce business at a much affordable price. The use of the eCommerce mobile app has been increased drastically because of its increased device usage and prominent features. For all the Magento 2 eCommerce store owners out there, in this article, we will be introducing a readymade solution to launch Multi-vendor Marketplace and Mobile Apps for your store.

Having an eCommerce website isn’t enough now. It is important for the store admin to launch the shopping app on the platform like Android and iOS. The enhanced reach and more focused target audience can simply grow your business. The Magento 2 Mobile App Maker is the one-stop solution to launch featured shopping apps for eCommerce stores. Not just this. We have brought a much-advanced combo package to fulfill your needs.

Magento 2 Advanced Marketplace With Mobile Application

The store merchant can now have the benefit of launching a marketplace for their eCommerce business & taking it to the mobile app. The Magento 2 Marketplace Mobile App is a customer-centric app allowing to showcase seller products as well. The seller can add their product into the desired category of web marketplace and the customer can simultaneously purchase the same from the mobile app or the web marketplace. This module is helpful for all the store admin, sellers, and customers and helps to expand the business reach. Here are some of the key features of the Multi-vendor Marketplace Extension:

  • The store admin can include the membership plan for the seller to sell the products in the mobile app.
  • The seller can simply register in the marketplace and start listing products once approved. The sellers’ products and categories will also be available on the mobile app for users to browse and purchase.
  • The eCommerce merchant can manage and monitor the seller accounts from the module backend.
  • The store admin can set the global commission for all sellers or can set the commission for the individual seller.
  • The eCommerce merchant can approve the registration and category request done by the seller.
  • The seller can set the amount and reason for the payout. He can choose any of the three given methods for the payment and ask the store admin to accept the payout requests in just a single click.
  • The seller can have a track of its earning and know the statistics in the form of easy and understandable graphics.
  • The seller will get a notification about the low stock if his products are running low.
  • The Customer can select and compare the product available by the side of different sellers.
  • The customer can also leave the review for other customers after purchase and use.
  • A hassle-free transaction system is provided for the customers.
  • The customer can also register themselves as sellers.

Launch Magento 2 eCommerce Mobile App For The eCommerce Website

Step 1- Purchase the Magento 2 Advanced Marketplace With a Mobile App extension from Knowband.

Step 2 – Fill the prerequisite form and tell us your requirements.

Step 3- Review the Android and iOS app and launch it on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

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Powerful Features of Magento 2 Marketplace & Shopping Apps

1. White Label Apps-

Branding with the store name is one of the most important features that an eCommerce mobile app must-have. The Magento 2 Mobile App Builder offers white-label apps with full branding to the eCommerce store. The logo, name, splash screen, icon, design, color schemes, etc. can be as per the requirement.

2. Customizable Home Screen Layout-

The home screen of the mobile app is fully flexible and open to any sort of design layout.  The store admin can configure and optimize the home page layout of the app from the admin panel and use the right set of blocks and images to improve look and feel ease. The store admin can use the drag and drop DIY editor with mouse clicks only. No sort of coding or rework on the apps required. This Magento 2 Marketplace App Builder allows the store admin to add multiple layouts from the extension backend. The store admin can customize the layout according to the requirements and can change the UI even if the app is live on Google Play or Apple App store.

3. Effortless Installation and Configuration-

The Magento 2 eCommerce Marketplace App requires no coding knowledge and technicality to perform any type of customization in the mobile app. The store admin can easily install the eCommerce app in the Google Play Store and Apple APP Store. The majority of the changes can be made from the admin panel of extensions even if the shopping app is live.

4. Easy Login Access

The Magento 2 Mobile App Maker consists of easy login options such as Google, Facebook, and Email, and Fingerprint or OTP option. This feature allows the customer to have a convenient login process and enjoy browsing into the eCommerce app with ease. The store admin can also authenticate users by enabling options like Fingerprint and Phone Number (OTP) login.

5. Payment And Shipping Methods-

The Magento 2 Hyperlocal Mobile App Creator supports all payment and shipping methods available on the eCommerce website. This module ensures that the user can perform the transaction with ease and can select the most convenient shipping or payment option on the app.

6. Multiple Language Support-

Multiple language support nowadays is an essential part of any eCommerce business. The Magento 2 Mobile app consists of multiple languages and currency support. It supports all currencies and languages including RTL ones like Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, etc. This feature allows the store admin to target his product across the global/regional audience.

7. Automatic Inventory Management-

This Multi-vendor App for Magento 2 module ensures that it keeps the eCommerce website and shopping app in sync with each other. So, if any changes are performed in the eCommerce store inventory the same will automatically get reflected in the Android and iOS app.

8. Notification Panel-

This feature allows the store admin to send the low Stock invitation to the sellers so that they can restock the product in less possible time. The notification can be sent from the backend of the store. There are also more than 20 email templates that store admin can use and customize according to their needs.

9. Push Notifications In Mobile Apps:

The mobile app also consists of a push notification option that allows the store admin to end the regular app and product update to the customer. The push notification is also a great way to make customers know about the latest orders and discounts available on the eCommerce app.

10. One Page Checkout-

The Multivendor Marketplace App for Magento 2 consists of one-page checkout that eliminates the need of sharing too much information. The user needs to put only the required information and complete the transaction process. This process helps in reducing the cart abandonment rate.

11. Complete Transaction Details-

The Magento 2 eCommerce Hyperlocal Mobile App allows the store admin to be aware of his complete transaction and earning details. The store admin can take a look at the details from the module backend.

12. Commission –

The store admin can also charge the commission from the seller for selling their goods. The Magento 2 Hyperlocal Marketplace allows the store admin to set the commission amount in terms of percentage and fixed amount.

13. Product Ordering-

If a customer has placed an order then it will directly show on the seller’s tab. The seller can directly look at the customer’s order and easily send the product to them. The sellers can also upload the product in bulk. The products can be added from the front side of the mobile app. Customers can also take look at the product and seller policy while purchasing the product.

14. Sales Report –

The Magento 2 Hyperlocal Marketplace consists of the sales report of the seller. This feature allows the store admin to have a track of salesperson performance. The store admin can compare and track the sales report of the sellers.

15. Seller Vacations-

The seller can give the vacation request to the store admin. This module allows the store admin to mark the seller on vacation. The seller can continue shipping its products by asking the store admin to remove his name from vacation.

16. Customer As A Seller-

This Magento 2 Hyperlocal Marketplace Extension also allows the customer to register themselves as sellers and start selling their products. The customer just needs to send the registration request to the store admin.

17. Customer Support-

The Zopim and Whatsapp chat options in Mobile App help the store admin to resolve the queries and issues of customers on an immediate basis. The customer can ask the queries to the store admin and resolve their queries in no time.

18. Review and Rating-

This Magento 2 Hyperlocal Mobile App Creator allows the customers to put their feedback about a particular product on the app. This feature helps other customers to get motivated by the response.


The Magento 2 Mobile App Maker consists of multiple amazing features that allow the store admin and multiple sellers to sell their products in the eCommerce app. The easy customization option allows the store admin to perform all the changes without the coding requirements.

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