Prime Advantages of launching an eCommerce Magento Mobile App

In the past few years, a lot of eCommerce businesses have transitioned from eCommerce to mCommerce. This has even become more of a necessity for many of them because of the growing use of smartphones. For any eCommerce business, it is a priority to be on the same platforms (Android and iOS) where their audiences are. Hence, having a native mobile app is a must now especially for Magento 2 store owners.

With so many available approaches used to build mobile shopping apps, choosing the one that’s suitable for your business can be an overwhelming process for the store owners. Along with that, getting such an app programmed in a specified time can again be tricky. Luckily, eCommerce businesses with their website built on Magento have all these things sorted for them. Using the Magento Mobile App Builder extension, store owners can automatically get the ready to launch Mobile app from their own Magento website’s inventory. Stay till the end of this article to explore how you can get your apps ready and the features for such an automated Magento 2 Mobile App.

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Magento Mobile App Builder

Magento 2 Mobile App Builder

Quick Steps To Get A Magento Mobile App For Your Website:

Step 1: Purchase the Magento Mobile App Builder extension (From the above links). Download the purchased extension & install it on your Magento website backend.

Step 2: Fill the app pre-requisite form and share details to create the app.

Step 3: Review your app & confirm to publish on both Google Play and Apple App Store.

Major Features of Magento 2 Mobile App Builder:

Here are some of the core features of Magento mobile apps. Take a quick glance at them and hopefully, you will be aware of the benefits these can offer:

#1. Home-Page Layout Optimization:


The home screen of the Magento Mobile App is no more fixed. Instead, the store admin can now configure the appearance and working of the same from the admin panel without any sort of coding or technical knowledge. The feature offers a visual editor with drag & drop selections & all the necessary tools to design a home-page of Magento 2 Mobile App. Even the non-tech-savvy store admin can customize the home page design using this extension. Just add banners, sliders, countdown timer, tab-bar, etc. with custom graphics & redirect links as per your needs.

#2. Unlimited Push Notifications:


This native Magento 2 App maker simply requires you to enter the Firebase key to set push notifications. You are even provided automated notification settings i.e. for ‘Successful orders’, ‘order status’ & ‘abandoned cart’ notifications with a timer setting as well. The best thing is that the store admin can send an unlimited number of Push Notifications to app users. The text, image, link of push notifications can be set from the backend of extension.

#3. Multi-lingual & Multi-Currency Support:


This extension equips your app to support multiple languages & multiple currencies. You can even add more options or disable a few languages/currencies to suit your business needs. Actually, with Magento 2 Mobile App Maker, all available languages and currencies on the store will be automatically added on the apps even RTL ones like Arabic, Hebrew, Persian etc. Cross border selling and reach expansion is a piece of cake with the RTL mobile app.

#4. Layered Navigation & Easy Search:

The Magento 2 Mobile App users would be able to search for products on your store using their voice commands/keywords search. Your Magento app is capable of accessing the devices’ microphone to record & process voice commands. Till now, by default, this feature is only available in Android. The quick navigation between the screens and tab bar at the bottom makes the browsing more seamless for mobile shoppers.

#5. Complete Admin Panel Control:

The Magento 2 Mobile App Creator extension keeps your app completely customizable from the admin panel even after they have been published on the app stores. Most of the modifications can be easily made from its simplified backend but if you need any further custom edits, experts at KnowBand are always ready to assist you in the best way possible.

#6. WhatsApp & Zopim Chat Support:


App users can reach out to store owners from apps via WhatsApp & Zopim. Both of these chat options are integrated by default with this extension. With such quick support on the Magento 2 Android and iOS apps, the users can rest assured and more likely to gain trust before the purchase.

#7. Social Sharing & Social/ Fingerprint Login:


The Magento 2 App users can share their product preferences on multiple social media channels as well. The onboarding is also simplified using social login options (Facebook & Google) & fingerprint authentication. With email, Google, Facebook, Phone No & Fingerprint login, the users can quickly access the app and browse the products.

#8. Automatic Catalog Management & Real-Time Sync:

All the inventory data of your Magento website will always stay live synchronized with Magento 2 Mobile Apps. This feature also makes the catalog management automatic for the merchants. No need to update of manually manage inventory or database for apps. The changes/additions will instantly reflect on the app in no time.

Compatibility with Multi-vendor Marketplace:

This app maker plugin is also compatible with the multi-vendor marketplace extension developed by KnowBand. Check out the combo pack of Marketplace + Mobile Apps:

For Magento 1:

For Magento 2:


Hence, Magento Mobile App Builder extension by KnowBand is a perfect solution for businesses looking to build their Magento Mobile App for Android/iOS. These apps are compatible with both tablets & smartphones. It gives you way more benefits & features & scope for expansion.

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