How Magento 2 Mobile Application Can Ensure Online Business Success?

The potential of taking your eCommerce business to new heights & grow its reach in today’s era is quite easy and achievable with the availability of mobile shopping apps. The reason behind that is whether it is a small-scale company or a big venture, the mobile apps allow the store admin to target a vast range of users easily with the mobile shopping channel. The major benefit of mobile apps is that they can include all the amazing features for the eCommerce industry and target the customers with the help of proper branding and marketing strategies. Most of the eCommerce companies have already come up with their own branded mobile application to target more potential customers. In order to achieve huge sales and revenue benefits, the store admin needs to transform its e-commerce website into the Android and iOS app with the use of an effective plugin that consists of all the required features that a mobile app should have. We are suggesting such readymade extensions for Magento 2 Mobile App development in this article. 

Magento 2 Android & iOS App Builder

The Magento 2 Mobile App Maker is a readymade pre-defined extension that helps the eCommerce business to transform the e-commerce website into a shopping app without any kind of coding technicality. This plugin offers both Android and iOS apps and handles the entire development to publishing of apps.

A top extension provider like Knowband helps your e-commerce business to become a leading mobile app sales channel. The reason behind that is it is aware of regular trends and keeps the Magento 2 eCommerce Mobile App updated as per new technological updates in the market.

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Magento 2 PWA Mobile App Maker

The Magento 2 PWA Mobile App Maker is also one of the powerful tools to convert the eCommerce website into the Progressive Web App. It is also a readymade app that can be easily installed on the user’s smartphone just by accessing the eCommerce website on the mobile browser. The “Add To Home Screen” option on the browser will make the installation seamless. The Progressive web app does not have a dependency upon Play Store and Apple Store. 

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Key Reasons To Choose Magento 2 Mobile App Builders:

1. Your App, Your Branding- 

Launching a branded eCommerce mobile app without the intervention of any third party gives a more positive outlook to the eCommerce business. Including the right banners, splash screens, brand name, logo, etc is the most basic thing that a brand should have in order to do the proper labeling of its mobile app. The Magento 2 Mobile App Maker allows the store admin to perform all such branding and white labeling activities by considering every minor and major aspect in the mind.

2. Personalized Home Screen Layout-

The store admin might have to deal with a lot of technical details and coding work while performing even a slight change in the mobile app design. With the help of Magento 2 Mobile App Creator, the store admin can perform all the design changes in the eCommerce app from the admin panel itself. With the help of just a few mouse clicks, easily change or customize the home screen layout and with a simple drag and drop DIY editor. Right products, categories, and other blocks to showcase top-selling or featured listings, etc. 

3. Easy to Sign in –

Customers may hesitate to login into the android and iOS apps due to the lengthy process. In order to resolve this issue, the Mobile App for Magento 2 has come up with easy sign-up and login options such as Facebook and Google. Along with that, the app has even inbuilt Fingerprint & Phone no (OTP) login options. 

4. Handy Payments in Mobile Apps-

Providing easy-to-use payment and shipping options to the customer improves the chances of getting a purchase. The customer easily selects the most convenient and appropriate payment and shipping option. The Magento 2 Android & iOS Mobile App Builder allows the customer to select from all the available payment shipping options in the e-commerce store. Customers do not need to rely on any other payment and shipping. The Android and the iOS app come with all website payment methods integrated with the apps. 

5.Multiple Languages & Currency Support-

Targeting different regions and adding multiple languages in the e-commerce application might be a difficult task for the store admin. The Magento 2 Android App Builder makes it easy to include all the available languages of the e-commerce website including RTL ones. Also, all the currencies available on the e-commerce website will be there on the Magento 2 Mobile app.

6. Simple Checkout-

This option in Magento 2 Mobile App allows the store admin to enable an easy & simplified checkout option. The handy checkout option allows the customers to perform the transactional activity without the need of filling in too much information just to purchase the product.

7. Automated Inventory Management-

Managing the database at two different places might be a very hectic task for the store admin. Also, it can be possible the store admin can end up doing a lot of mistakes in the product inventory and data. To eliminate this problem, Magento 2 Mobile App comes up with a live synchronization feature. It makes sure that the eCommerce website data is fully synchronized with the shopping app. Any changes in the eCommerce store inventory will automatically get reflected on Android and iOS apps. Changes will be reflected on the mobile app even if it is live on Google Play Store & Apple App Store.

8. Push Notification From An App-

It is very essential to provide basic and important information to the customers via some medium. The Magento 2 eCommerce Mobile App allows the message to be sent to the customers without any delay with a concise and concrete impact as well. The push notification is a feature that allows the store admin to send the notification regarding the latest offers, discounts, updates, information etc. to the mobile app users.

9. Offline Mode-

The Offline feature of the Magento 2 eCommerce Mobile App allowed the customers to access the Android and iOS app smoothly and seamlessly without the need for the internet. The eCommerce app consists of a preloaded cache that comes to users’ screens when they are lacking a web connection.

10. Customer Support (Zopim & WhatsApp)-

This feature of Magento 2 Mobile App Builder allows the user to connect with store admin and resolve their queries instantly. The user can connect to the store admin 24*7 anytime by just using the Zopim & WhatsApp chat functionality. This option is a great help to resolve the issue and queries of the customer.


Now, you can understand that mobile apps have the potential to make eCommerce businesses flourish in the market. The Magento 2 eCommerce Mobile App helps the eCommerce business to come up with their full potential and gives healthy competition to everyone in the market which improves sales growth. To know more you can send us an email at

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