Popular ECommerce Businesses With A Magento Mobile App & Website

With each passing year, the number of smartphone users is increasing with pace. This opens numerous doors of opportunities for e-businesses/eCommerce store owners to establish their presence on mobile devices & target such a vast number of potential customers.

E-Commerce businesses are already making the best out of their businesses by effectively engaging their customers on their mobile apps. In the fall of 2019, taking the whole world under consideration, 52% of all the online shoppers used their mobile devices to shop products online. This simply means that about half of your potential customers prefer mobile devices (preferably mobile apps) over desktop websites for online shopping.

This makes it crucial for eCommerce companies to step into the mobile landscape & launch their mobile Commerce app (Shopping app). Speaking of shopping apps, listed below are 3 very popular eCommerce firms that use Magento to run their shopping website & mobile app.

1. Dollar General:


Dollar General Store, America’s well-known general store, has its website as well as its shopping app built on Magento. Dollar General store has more than 14,000 stores throughout the country & turns a lot of conversions & sales from its eCommerce website & Mobile App also. Dollar General is a really good example of a successful Magento website & Magento Mobile App.

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2. Liver Pool FC:


Liverpool FC, a world-famous English football club, is another well-known organization that uses Magento for its website & mobile app. Liverpool fans can buy tickets to the shows & purchase merchandise from their online store.

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3. Material Bank:


This New-York based design solutions company is well-known among the designers & architects. Material Bank helps them find the right materials from various manufacturers. Material Bank offers a great user-interface & experience to its website visitors & mobile app users.

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Ease Of Building Magento 2 Mobile Apps:

Now, if you are wondering that developing a Magento 2 mobile app is time & skill consuming, then we must inform you that you are wrong. Because Magento CMS itself is a feature-rich platform offering a variety of automated extensions that add more functionalities to the online store.

Similarly, to build an eCommerce Mobile App as well, a Magento 2 Mobile App Builder extension can be installed on the backend of the website. Store owners can choose among different types of apps & app builders to build & launch their Magento Mobile App in just a matter of days without the need for coding.

Store owners can choose to build a Native Magento App that can be published on the Google Play Store / Apple App Store. They can also opt to build a Magento PWA App to replace their mobile website with a Progressive Web App.

Explore our readymade Extensions:


Magento Mobile App Builder 

Magento 2 Mobile App Builder 

Magento 2 PWA Mobile App 

Both of these types of mobile apps help the e-retailers to improve their user engagement & brand loyalty with a complementary increase in the sales & revenue from mobile devices.

Brands Using Our Extension For Shopping Apps:

#1. 3Amir:

3Amir is an all-rounder marketplace that sells different kinds of products on its e-store. With multiple vendors selling on its Magento website & mobile app, 3Amir is able to provide a seamless experience in multiple languages on both its platforms.

Website Link:

Android App Link:

iOS App Link:

2. Tenacas:

Tenacas is another marketplace built on Magento. It serves its customers in 4 different international languages on both its Magento mobile app & website. With the user-friendly interface, layered navigation, one-page checkout, etc. provided in the Magento Mobile App Builder extension, Tenacas has managed to build & launch a feature-rich & efficient shopping app in lesser time duration.

Website Link:

Android App Link:

M-Commerce has already taken over the eCommerce landscape & will continue to grow as more & more netizens are getting accustomed to mobile devices. And with such automated Magento Mobile App Maker extensions, building & launching a Magento mobile apps is way more affordable & easier now.

These extensions not only build a customer-centric app but also keep the admin-panel/ backend convenient for store owners to configure/ customize their shopping app. So, wait no more & go mobile now.

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