Why Native Android & iOS Apps Are Important For Magento 2 Website?

Digitalization is now transforming the way how the customer perceives and looks at the mobile app. Mobile apps are now a crucial part of the online business because more than half of the population tends to shop from the eCommerce app. Shopping apps are fast, reliable, engaging, and consist of multiple advantages. There are enough reasons to go for the Android and iOS app because it consists of lot more advantages that have the potential to change the whole dynamics of the eCommerce store. The Magento 2 Mobile App has the ability to do that for the eCommerce store.  

The Magento 2 eCommerce Mobile App consists of a no-code framework that converts the eCommerce store into Android app and iOS apps. The readymade app consists of all the amazing features that are important to have in a mobile app to enhance sales and conversions. 

Knowband consists of Magento 2 Mobile App Builder that comes with a variety of features helpful in enhancing the sales conversion, engagement rate, reliability, and lowers abandonment rate, etc. By adapting the eCommerce app the store admin can enjoy all its benefits. 

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The Potent Features of Magento 2 Mobile App Maker  –

1. Branded Apps-

In order to attain brand value in the market, the Magento 2 Mobile App Creator comes with a Brand characterizing option. Its main motive is to identify or characterize the brand in the customer mindset. This option allows the store admin to launch the mobile app under its brand name without any third-party banner. This option allows the store admin to launch the mobile app under its own brand name, logo, banner, splash screen, etc.

2. Personalized Home Screen Layout-

Designing a home screen layout is the toughest work while developing the eCommerce app. But the Mobile App for Magento 2 requires no coding language to design the UI of the shopping app. The store admin can use the drag and drop option to personalize the Home Screen Layout. Several layout elements can be included from the extension backend. 

3. User Identification- 

User authenticity is one of the major aspects of any Android and iOS app. The Magento 2 Android & iOS Mobile App Builder uses email and social login and registration options to identify the authenticity of the user. The store admin can include social login options such as Facebook and Google. Fingerprint and OTP login options can also be included for user Identification. 

4.Multi-Language Support-

The Magento 2 Android App Builder supports multiple languages including RTL in the eCommerce app. The store admin can include all the language with their currencies available on the eCommerce website and target different regions across the world. The Android and iOS apps will be changed automatically after selecting the requested language. 

5. Handy Payments In Mobile App-

The Magento 2 iOS App Maker offers the same handy payment and shipping options on the app which are available in the eCommerce store. The user can select their desired payment and shipping option and perform the transaction with ease. 

6.  One-Page Checkout-

The Magento 2 Mobile App requires only necessary details in order to perform the transaction process with ease. The Android and the iOS app automatically store the data that customers have used on previous purchases. The customer just needs to select the address and check out with the mobile app without filling in the information again. 

7. No Manual Sync-

The store admin does not need to perform the changes from two different databases. The Magento 2 eCommerce Mobile App synchronizes the eCommerce store inventory and data with the mobile app. All the changes done by the store admin will automatically get updated in the eCommerce app without the need for manual sync. 

8. Mobile Push Notifications-

The Magento 2 Mobile App Builder sends the push notification to the customer even when they are not using the shopping apps. The main motive behind sending the push notification is to let them aware of the current offers, discounts, updates, etc available in the eCommerce store. The mobile notification is the best way to engage the user in your eCommerce app.  

9. Order Overview-

Customers need to have a notification or update about their previously placed orders in order to get the reliability. The Magento 2 Mobile App Maker consists of an order overview feature that allows the customers to have a glimpse of their order status. The customer can view it in the shopping app and by the push notifications feature. 

10. Customer Support- 

The Mobile App for Magento 2 allows the customer to connect with the store admin 24*7 in order to solve their queries and issues. This option plays a crucial role in Android app and iOS apps because the mobile app lacks physical connection and bonding. The Zopim and WhatsApp chat function helps the customer to be more reliant upon the mobile app.

Conclusion – 

The Magento 2 Mobile App Creator consists of some more features that are enough to prove the importance of the eCommerce app. It gives store admin, the benefit of gaining all the advantages by just switching to the mobile app. The store admin can use the coupon and discount support to give more offers to its potential app customers. To know more, send us an email to support@knowband.com.

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