Use Push Notifications In Magento 2 Mobile Apps To Boost Sales

For eCommerce businesses, Push notifications are one of the best features with the Mobile Application. Having a native Android & iOS app will help to re-engage the app users & keep them well informed about the latest offers, upcoming/ongoing sale & about their orders. Because mobile devices like smartphones or tablets are always available to us all the time, mobile applications have become the most effective way for online businesses to reach out to their prospects & customers.

Utilizing Push Notifications are the best way to reach out to mobile device users, when compared to other mediums like email notifications, text messages, etc. ECommerce businesses with their store built on Magento 2 have a great advantage when it comes to sending Push Notifications or when it comes to launching an eCommerce Mobile App.

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Personalization options on Magento 2 Mobile Apps:

With the use of Magento 2 Mobile App Builder extension the store owners can launch their Mobile App that’s completely synchronized with their own Magento 2 website. The native Android and iOS Apps, built using this App Builder extension, support many useful kinds of automated push notification templates. Store owners can also make and send custom notifications by adding any kind of text, graphics and landing-page link to the notifications. Let’s learn about these notifications and their settings on the admin panel of the ‘Magento 2 Mobile App Builder’ extension.

The mobile push notification for Magento 2 mobile app users can be simply configured and managed from the admin panel.  The store admin can use the desired text, image, redirection link and target the mobile audience. With personalized template for push notifications, it becomes way seamless to send notifications for sale, promotions, festival etc. The push notifications for Magento 2 mobile apps can be automated as well as send manually. 

#1. Order Successful Notification:

Whenever an app user makes a successful order, a notification is sent to him/her automatically stating that the order has been placed. The template message can be entered from the admin panel for automatic notifications. 

#2. Order Status Notifications:

Whenever there is any update in the shipping status of an order, an automatic notification is sent to the app users informing user  about the status of the order. The template message of order status update notification can be entered from the admin panel.  

#3. Abandoned Cart Notifications:

The store admin can schedule this notification & set the number of hours after which it will be sent to an app user who left his/her shopping cart abandoned without placing the order. This can be used to reduce the cart abandonment on the app. The template message of Abandoned cart notifications can be set from backend. 

#4. Custom Notifications:

Apart from the ones mentioned above, store admin can also configure and send custom notifications. They will have the option to add a graphic, title, description & even the URL of the redirection. The template, image, link can be set from the backend. 

Useful tactics for push notifications strategy

  • Keep the app users notified of all the new coupons, upcoming/ongoing sale & other offers. This tactic organically announces everything to all the mobile app users & help in increasing conversions.
  • Whenever it’s some sort of festival or any special occasion, store admin usually greet the app users using Push Notifications & inform them of any promotional offers that they find useful.
  • Abandoned cart notifications helps to remind the app users that they have left some products in their cart unattended. In many cases but not all, abandoned cart notifications encourage the app users to buy those abandoned products.

That’s not it. Plan your own strategy and send push notifications to app users. Discuss with us on for more details about the extension and its features.


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