Test your running Magento Store on demo Android & iOS apps with FREE Mobile App Builder

Magento being one of the most popular and successful eCommerce platform provides lots of useful features for online merchants. Its open-source nature brings an unmatched growth & extending limits for online websites. With designing flexibility & marketing tools, the management becomes very seamless for the store merchants with Magento. This low cost & readymade shopping website solution is open to the integration of various automated Magento eCommerce plugins for the betterment & effortless configuration. One such extension is our Free Magento Mobile App.

What is FREE Magento Mobile App Builder & how it works?

KnowBand, a leading Magento extension developer has come up with a Free version of their Magento Mobile App Builder extension. Going by the name, it builds Android & iOS apps for your Magento shopping website. The best part about this solution is that it fully code free for you. With its friendly backend panel, you can control & manage the app in a few clicks. Take a look:

Magento Mobile App Builder

The Magento Mobile App Builder keeps the website in-sync to shopping apps & thus both website & apps kinda work in a similar manner. The complete inventory gets updated on the app in real-time. This is a much better way to build & manage the shopping Apps as you need not to indulge into technical ciphering.

How can you view demo apps for your store?

#1. Visit KnowBand & download Magento Mobile App Builder 1.x or 2.x as per your store. You would receive the zipped source code in downloads section.



Magento Android Mobile App Maker

Magento Mobile App

#2. Install the same on your website & enable it.

#3. Download demo apps on your mobile device, open, enter your website url like https://www.knowband.com/ in “View Your Store option”

Magento 1: Android Demo App            iOS Demo App
Magento 2: Android Demo App            iOS Demo App

Magento eCommerce Mobile App

That’s all, now experience the working your website on the demo apps. This would give you proper idea how your apps will look & work after development. To get your own apps, you need to purchase the paid version of the module which comes at reasonable costs. Have a look:

Magento Mobile App Builder
Magento 2 Mobile App Builder

Major Advantages of choosing Magento Mobile App Maker:

1. Easy Designing:

Instead of relying on a fixed UI of the application, create multiple ones of your own choice. Use pre-saved layouts in the backend to offer intuitive Home Screen to users. Set banners, landing pages & enhance the first view of app users. The color schemes can also be chosen for the apps from admin panel. Here are a few theme designs on the same app:

Home Layout Of Magento Mobile App

Get detailed info on app Home Screen configuration from User Manual.

2. Complete Backend Access

The installed extension on your website can be fully accessed by you. This offers you complete control about how your apps would function on user’s devices. To alter anything you don’t even require the assistance of any developer.

3. Inventory Management(Catalog, Products etc.)

Automatic inventory management is kind of a boon for your business. This extension keeps the website & app synced in real-time. So, any change done on website gets updated on mobile apps as well.

4. Effortless Login

Though login in any app remains facile, yet there are many such apps which keeps the users’ fumble with lengthy forms. Your Magento Mobile Apps will have Google & Facebook login options which make it quicker. Along with that, the users can also authenticate their Fingerprint & Phone Number as well.

5. Quick Product Search

The category screen has filter/sort option to narrow down the long listing of products. Also, keyword search & Voice search(Android) is there to make the task simpler for the front-end app user.

6. Perfect Checkout Process

As of login, the checkout screen in mobile apps is single-page & requires only relevant information from you. The users get to create & place order without any trouble.

7. Push Notifications

The personalized push notifications can be sent to app users from the backend. You can schedule the same or specifically send it the users using your message & image.

8. Order Management:

All the orders placed in the app would be available in My Account screen along with complete details of each one. The orders delivery can also be tracked from the apps.

9. White Label Solution:

Your apps would be based on your brand. The splash screen, logo, theme etc. Of mobile app is kept as such that the apps promote your store & strengthen its brand.

10. Live Chat with User:

There are inbuilt chat options in mobile apps which make it possible for you to chat with the user through WhatsApp or Zopim (formerly known as Zendesk). You can directly resolve the user queries & gain their confidence.

11. Multi-lingual & Currency Support

The apps for Android & iOS are available in any language for the users as they support multi-lingual & RTL languages like Arabic, Urdu etc. All sorts of currency options are supported on app as well.

12. Seamless Payments

Offer same payment experience on mobile apps as of website with Magento Mobile App Creator. It allows you to bring every website payment on mobile apps. Furthermore, any new payment can specifically be added in the apps over a fair amount of additional fee. COD & PayPal are available by default with the module.

13. Real-time Order Tracking

All the previous app orders can be tracked using these mobile apps. Also, complete order details are available in the mobile apps.

14. Coupons & Vouchers

Every active coupon on your website will also be supported on the Magento Mobile Apps. The app users can easily avail the discounts using these coupons/vouchers.

15. CMS Page Management

Every CMS page (About Us, Contact Us etc.) used on the website can be brought on Android & iOS apps as well. You just need to choose the right one in the module backend.

16. Easy Product Search

The Magento Mobile App come up with layered navigation with filter & sorts. This eases the product search for front-end mobile users. The apps even have advanced voice & keyword search for ease.

17. Tablet & Mobile Optimization

Both Android & iOS mobile app for Magento works perfectly on every Android smartphone, tablet, iPhone & iPad.


Thus, Magento Mobile Apps have so much to offer. The eye-catchy and fascinating design capture your user’s attention quickly & compel them to make purchase on mobile apps. The availability of customization offers you a chance to take your business to a whole new level. Why to wait? Build an app today.

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