Why is it time to switch from eCommerce store to Magento Mobile Apps?

Online eCommerce refers to the buying or selling of goods and services using the internet. With the growing interest among the individuals, the online eCommerce market is expanding very rapidly. Thus, the eCommerce has established itself as a primary source to make the purchase all over the world. However, with the expansion of eCommerce user confidence in it, the eCommerce market is evolving itself. Have a look at the stats that how the Americans users are finding deals:

  • 49 percent of Americans have an app that collects and provides deals and discounts across retailers on their smartphones.
  • 65 percent of Americans say receiving mobile coupons they can redeem in-store is important when shopping in physical stores.
  • 69 percent say receiving a personalized offer on their phone that they can use in-store would make them more likely to visit a physical retail location.

Hence, nowadays one of the emerging & growing trends are going on in the eCommerce market is mobile apps as it makes the mark in the year 2017 and continuous increasing the popularity. Well, mCommerce become a branch of eCommerce and the user base is rising day by day. The usage of mobile app percentage is increasing day by day because it’s a fast, reliable and engaging experience. The percentage of mobile app users is expected to grow at a rapid speed within the coming years.

Extended Reach of Mobile Apps for Magento.

So, the first question is that have you already launched your website on the Magento platform. Well, if the answer is yes then good for that but if not. So, it’s high to establish a global reach and spreading awareness about your brand among the users. However, in today’s world where people are more engaged with their smartphones offering the only websites is not enough. As you should need to set your goal that your brand can reach to every single user. Yes, you are thinking right, we are talking about mobile apps. Developing the Magento mobile app of your brand can offer a more personalized way to interact.

The expansion of the Magento platform is increasing at a very high rate. In 2012, the number of sites developed with the Magento platform was 2800 and as per the data, till 2018 is increased as 13,750 as the number. The number in the image will be going to help you to understand better:

The following stats for the coming year are also going to amaze you!! Worldwide online eCommerce sales on Magento are expected to grow to $224 billion by 2020.

So, to help those eCommerce store owners who are looking forward to developing mobile apps with the Magento platform. KnowBand is offering Magento Mobile App Builder, which makes the task of moving the website to a mobile app more easier for the eCommerce store merchants. Magento Mobile App Creator is the framework that allows you to transform your eCommerce store into a mobile app. This is completely no-code solution for you and offers the 100% Native application. Developing the mobile app will help to increase the reach of your business among smartphone users.

Let’s come back to the point that why is it so crucial these days to own a shopping app:

The first question is which comes in mind of every eCommerce store owner is that how developing the mobile app can help your eCommerce business. So, the answer to your question is as the usage of smartphones is increasing day by day. As you can see that most of the individuals are having their smartphones and they also try to do most of the work from their smartphones only. This helps to save their precious time and provides a better user experience instead of optimizing the bad website experience. So, the need for the offering the mobile application comes for every single eCommerce merchant.

In case you are still not sure why is it important of having a mobile app these days. Have a quick look at the top six benefits:-

  • Be visible to your customers all the time.
  • Build a direct marketing channel.
  • Provide valuable information to your customers at their fingertips.
  • Improve Customer Engagement.
  • Stand out from the competition.
  • Develop Customer Loyalty.

Lucrative Benefits of Magento Mobile App Builder:

1. Customizable Home Screen Layout:

One of the best things about developing the mobile app with Magento Mobile App Maker is how flexible it’s interface is: customize your home screen layout as per your store requirements and preferences by altering multiple attributes available in the module backend. Here are the list of customizable attributes:
Top Categories
Banner Square
Banner Horizontal
Banner Grid
Product Square
Product Horizontal
Product Grid
Countdown Sale Timer.

2. Complete Access to Backend:

Having complete access to the module backend will help you to control the installed extension. With this functionality, you can easily make the changes in the functionality of your store mobile app. With this functionality, you don’t need anybody to make the changes in the module backend.

3. Interactive and Gamified pop-up:

Display the interactive and gamified pop-up on your eCommerce store to offer the sale, discount or many other offers. With this functionality, you can easily display the gamified pop-up on your mobile app. But in order to avail of this functionality on your app, you need to install the KnowBand Spin and Win pp-up.

4. Real-time Synchronization:

Developing the mobile app with Magento Mobile App Builder will help to update the inventory automatically on your store website and mobile app as well. So, if the store merchant will make the changes in the website will automatically get updated on both the mobile apps.

5. Quick Login Options:

Whenever the thought comes in mind of developing the mobile app, the main concern comes in mind is how to provide effortless login to the customers. So, building the mobile app with Magento Mobile App Creator has a solution for your concern. This extension is offering various fast and simple login options i.e. Google, Facebook, Fingerprint and OTP login options.

6. Unlimited Push Notification:

Engaging the app user is one of the difficult tasks for any eCommerce store owner. But the Magento Mobile App Maker offers a way, through which you can easily engage your users by sending various notification like sale centric notification, offers, discounts, and any update.

7. Multiple languages and currency support:

Increase the reach of your eCommerce store among worldwide mobile app users. The mobile app builds with Magento Mobile App Builder help you to reach your store to the users who are living anywhere in the world with it’s multi-lingual and currency support.

8. Promote your brand with ease:

Developing the mobile app with Magento Mobile App Builder is a complete white solution for your business. You can easily promote your brand by displaying the logo, splash screen and design of your app according to your brand requirement.

9. Seamless Payment Options:

Offering the choice of multiple payment options can help your eCommerce store users to experience better shopping experience. So, the Magento Mobile App Builder can help you to provide a better shopping experience to your store users as it allows you to bring all the website payment options. Additionally, this extension is offering two Native payment options that are COD and PayPal. With this extension, you can easily add any payment method which you want by paying the fair price for it.

10. Live Chat Support:

The mobile app can help you to provide better assistance to your app users with the live chat functionality of Magento Mobile App Creator. With the live chat feature, your app user can easily ask the queries and problems to you.

More Additional features of Magento Mobile App Builder:

  • Tablet and Mobile Optimization.
  • Easy Product Search
  • CMS page management
  • Support for various coupons and vouchers
  • Real-time order tracking
  • Simplified checkout process.

Explore more Magento 2 Mobile App features from here.

The Final Inference!!

The majority of smart-phone users hit the conversion of mobile apps. It is excepted to grow more in the recent coming years. So, the rapid growth of eCommerce needs a strong support channel. Hence, the Magento based eCommerce mobile apps are the perfect solution for all whether it’s about proper designing, an increase in growth and reduces the conversion rate.

Like the module? Want to develop the eCommerce mobile app for your store? Feel free to raise your queries at support@knowband.com or at +91-9354837579.

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