6 Most Important Things you Need to Know about Magento 2 Marketplace Extension by Knowband

Knowband’s Magento 2 Multi-Vendor Marketplace Extension allows the store owners to convert their stores into a fully functional Marketplace with minimum efforts. If you want to spend a lot of money and a lot of effort to create a Marketplace then you can do it from scratch by developing marketplace software using coding. Or, you can do it easily and quickly with Knowband’s Magento 2 Multi-Vendor Marketplace Extension without possessing any coding knowledge.

The extension is well designed and has a lot of advanced feature which satisfy the demands of admin, sellers, as well as customers in all possible way. Being the admin of the Marketplace, you get complete control over your Marketplace and can manage the sellers and their activities and earnings. I this write-up, we will discuss the 6 most important things about the Magento 2 Multi-Seller Marketplace Extension by Knowband.

6 Essentials things to know about Magento 2 Multi Vendor Marketplace Extension:

1. Who can sell on the Marketplace:

The extension allows everyone who tends to sell on the Magento 2 Multi-Seller Marketplace. The vendors need to get registered as sellers from the front-end and they will become sellers on the marketplace once the admin approves their requests. After getting approved, they can add their inventory and can start selling on the Marketplace smoothly.

2. Vendors can manage Inventory on Marketplace:

The Magento 2 Multi-Vendor Marketplace Plugin allows the vendors to list their products on the marketplace so that they can start selling them. The extension provides a seller dashboard to the sellers from where the vendors can manage all their activities related to adding products, checking earnings, paid commission, manage orders, etc. The list of the products can also be updated automatically as the extension offers an inbuilt cron functionality that updates the products’ list automatically.

3. Allow Sellers to upload products in bulk:

With the Magento 2 Multi-Seller Marketplace Extension, you can allow your sellers to upload their products in bulk from their dashboards. The vendors can upload a CSV file in the dashboard and can add products in bulk. This will reduce the time and effort of the sellers and will ensure smooth functioning.

4. Easy Order Handling by Admin and Sellers:

The Magento 2 Multi-vendor Marketplace Module allows both the admin of the Marketplace and the seller to check and manage the orders received. The seller can see the orders in the seller dashboard and the admin can check and view all the orders in the back-end of the extension. The seller can check the orders and can change the order status from the dashboard.

Moreover, the admin can allow or restrict the sellers from managing the orders.

5. Add Shipping Options with ease:

With the Magento 2 Multi-Seller Marketplace Plugin, both the admin and the seller can add and integrate their shipping options. The seller can add as many shipping options as he wants from the seller dashboard with the extension.

6. Effortless Commission Management:

The Magento 2 Multi-Seller Marketplace module allows the admin to configure sellers’ commission from the back-end. The admin can set a global commission rate or individual seller commission. The global commission rate will be applied to all the sellers at once. However, if the admin wants to charge commission at different rates from individual sellers then he can set commission individually.

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